Meereisretour Rotterdam

  • 24 March 2018
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Is that correct that me, person A, will travel with Meereisretour ticket and person B will have own OV chip card? Can person B put samenreiskorting on his OV chipcard? Thank you

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Good afternoon traveler001 and welcome to the NS Service forum!

A Meereisretour allows a traveller to simply travel along with a different person who has a valid ticket. So, lets call him person A, uses a regular ticket as he or she would for any regular trip. That can be an E-ticket, OV-chipcard, first class, second class whatever person A wants. Person B simply uses the Meereisretour to travel along with person A. The Meereisretour will adapt itself to the ticket that person A uses, so if person A is using a first class ticket, person B can travel first class as well. Samenreiskorting won't be needed, but also isn't possible, as one person needs a subscription for that with the other person still travelling with an OV-chipcard.