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  • 12 October 2021
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This Sunday, 10-10-2021 own my way back to Assen, there was a interruption between Amsterdam Central and Assen. Because of it the option by the NS app was take the metro to Duivendrecht then take again the train to Assen. Now I am being charged for the metro. I pay weekend free subscription to travel during the weekends without pay. That is not fair add something more on top.


Beste antwoord door MoDe 12 October 2021, 16:23

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Advice: contact the customerservice by phone, Twitter, chat or Facebook

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Hi Tatay and welcome to the NS Community!

How unfortunate the you've been charged for the metro. Like MoDe said, you can contact our costumer service for this issue. You can call us on 030-7515155 or you can send a message on the live chat, Twitter or Facebook! Then we can have a look to it. 

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It will happen again if you travel more often this line. THE way to do is look for open metro-gates with a NS-banner and use these. In Duivendrecht there will be no issue, as its combined (a very long time ago this was heralded as a big step forward to unite public transport-also @ Amstel, but since then privatisation and more nonsense got their own way)