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  • 18 August 2021
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I bought without think about it, several one-way single tickets from zanvoort to Amsterdam Centraal. I imagine I can't use them for a journey from Amsterdam Centraal to Zandvoort ?

Thank you


Beste antwoord door Tochjo 18 August 2021, 12:24

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Indeed, you cannot use those tickets for the reverse direction.

arrrrgh shame on me, I wanted to do well by taking a little advance without taking the time to read the explanations.  

Too bad for me…

@Tochjo Thank you very much for the confirmation

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If you bought several identical etickets, then you could contact customer service directly to explain the situation and see if they are willing to reimburse you, even though according to the terms and conditions etickets cannot be refunded. (You could also contact them anyway if the tickets aren’t identical, but the chances of you receiving a refund are a lot smaller then.)

Contacting customer service directly is most easily done by phone, as they are available 24/7 at 030-751 51 55. You may also contact them by chat (click the link Chat with NS on this page) or by sending a message on Twitter or Facebook.

In fact, I took 3 tickets and only one should be for the Zandvoort way to Amsterdam Central.

I'm not going to bother the call support for that.  I'm going to create a post and we'll see if something is possible. it's all my fault but it's not the end of the world

@Tochjo thank you for your great help