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Vérification 1dag ov vrij N° 60.0000.4822.8345

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Hi Muus1 en welkom bij de NS Community. 


Wat is jouw vraag?

I have a ticket with the following number I want to know if it is valid for travel. 60.0000.4822.8345

Hi Muus1


The ticket “1 dag OV Vrij” was already used on 06.02.2020. 



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The ticket had become invalid because you alread told us in a different topic, in French, that you have used the card once already, in this case on the 6th of February. The ticket is valid for one day from the day of first check in until 04:00 the next morning, which has passed already.

It is not a ticket that becomes valid at the time you checked in for the first time and will become invalid after 24 hours has lapsed.

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OK, je devine.

L’avez-vous acheté d’occasion (sur marktplaats.nl p.e.) ?

Dans ce cas l’arnaque est connue: on vous a vendue un ticket déjà utilisé. Bienvenue aux Pays Bas.