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  • 30 juni 2020
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Hola buenas tardes quería saber si alguien ha comprado una tarjeta para viajar en el dia , quiero hacer un viaje de ida y vuelta de Drachten a Amsterdam pero quiero saber si existe alguna tarjeta ilimitada para viajar en un día espero su pronta respuesta y muchas gracias


Hello good afternoon I wanted to know if anyone has bought a card to travel in the day, I want to make a return trip from Drachten to Amsterdam but I want to know if there is any unlimited card to travel in a day I hope your answer soon and thank you very much (translate by

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It is best to ask your question in English, if possible as people are more likely to understand English than Spanish. (Thank you Google Translate 😉). And I'll answer in English as well as I do not know Spanish. 

Anyway back to your question.

Have a look at the Holland Travel Ticket (HTT). Drachten doesn't have a train station so you'll have to travel by bus to the nearest station of Heerenveen. The HTT allows you to travel on nearly all public transport (bus, tram, metro, train) for €42 (off-peak) or €62 (whole day).

More information about this product in Spanish can be found on this page:

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OP=OffPeak means ONLy for mo-fr after 9.00. On sat and sun there are no peaks and you can use ofpeak the whole day. You can travel on any bustram train that day and thus also make detours if you would like to see a little more of Nederland=Paises Bajos.

You can buy this from the yellow NSmachines. Drachten has NO trainstation, there are frequent BUSlines, named Q-Liner to all nearby stations, best for this is Heerenveen. On the site you can check all times for all public transport.