Den Haag - Leiden 8th - 16TH Feb

  • 4 februari 2020
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What are the alternatives to travel to Leiden from Den Haag between the 8th and the 16th of February??


And also from the 22nd to the 1st of March?




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AbbeyRoad has helped you out, thank you for that! Anything we can do for you at this time? 

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As a general rule there are very often works, mostly weekends but for bigger works on rails/tracks/signals/whatever disturbance on the trains also for longer time. In that case trains may be rerouted-which here is simply not possible. Then there are ALWAYS BUSes specially for NS, NOT the normal linebuses (Arriva and EBS) that are hired by NS mostly from touringcars with seats only. On busy times and on busy routes like this they will go ev 2-3 mins but still you may have to wait for the next and next till there is seat for you. There are ALWAYS big signs on the stations to where board these bus. The normal traintickets are valid of course, but there is hardly ever a check on them.

Around 14-10 days before there will be detailed schedules on, in practice on such busy lines these are fantasy. Maybe it says ev 5 mins-it may be 2 or 3 or 4 buses ev 5 mins-full and off you go. There may also be different buses for fast/nonstop and for intermediate-you have to have your wits with you and not look only on your fone. In fact NS expects from its customers to ALWAYS check that reisplanner for any unexpected or sudden changes. And for that you have to look on the fone-for most. You cannot claim money in these cases as the trip will take longer as usual, you simply have to adapt and bear with it.

Depending on where you stay, where you have to go to and what type of NSticket you hold it may for some in fact be easier/quicker/cheaper to use those normal linebuses (43 or 45)-it may save the sometimes very long waits at peak times for the NSbus, but you have to pay them in the normal way. On the site you can get detailed advice on this for any means of public transp

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Regarding february 8 and 9 there will be no trains at all between Den Haag Centraal en Leiden Centraal, all travel will be with busses. The rest of the week there will be trains on that route, but the could be shorter than normal, so more crowded. On the 10th there will be no sprinters train, only intercity trains. The NS travelplanner is already updated so you can plan and see how it effects your travel.

For 22nd to the 1st of March the planner is only updated for the 22nd and 23rd at this moment. For the other days you will have to wait and check later to see which trains are running normally and which are not. 


On it is said there be as much trains as possbile still running during both periods.

There is not really any good alternative. The route from Den Haag via Gouda and Alphen to Leiden is under normal circumstances already much longer and from 8th until the 16th there will be no trains between Leiden and Alphen.  And from the 22nd to the 1st of March there may also be a disruption between Den Haag and Gouda.  Best thing is to just travel the normal route between Den Haag and Leiden, either by train or bus, prepare for busy trains and some extra travel time. And, very important, check the NS planner as the travel advise may vary from day to day, either train times or from which platforms they will leave.