No service from Utrecht Zuilen until August 21st without bus alternatives

  • 1 June 2016
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Good evening,

I travel every day between Utrecht zuilen and Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. Since the track is under construction at the moment, Utrecht Zuilen is closed until August 21st. This implies that I need to travel by bus to Utrecht centraal and from there to Bijlmer. However, even though the NS website indicates that there is an NS bus to bring passengers back to Utrecht Zuilen, such a bus does not exist and i was informed by NS employees at Utrecht centraal that I should take a normal bus. This implies that I have an extra cost every day, from Zuilen to centraal and return, which I wouldn't have if the trains were running or if I could take an NS bus. Can you please help, since it doesn't make sense to me that the NS doesn't provide any alternatives for this kind of situations?


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If you have any NS-subscription, you are allowed to use U-OV bus 3 for free, without checking in or out. You only need to check in and out at Utrecht Central station if you continue your journey or arrive by train.

Note, however, that others have reported that some bus drivers are not aware of this fact.
Thank you , i will try it then .
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In addition: if a bus drivers does ask you to check in, in the bus, you can get your money back from the NS. In this case you do need a proof that you have taken the bus. In order to get the proof, you can register on, where you can print out a full transaction history.

How the costs for the bus will be refunded, is not very clear. I'm pretty sure a moderator can tell more about that.