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  • 22 October 2019
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Good afternoon,

this week end, was not possible o arrive by train to Vlissingen.

Bus from Bergen op Zoom. 

The trip took 2 hours. The driven didn't know the road. And even went to Vlissingen Souburg.

But my complain it's about like it's organize the transport.

I think that all the costumers want to arrive from A to B as fast as they can.

But not with your buses. 

Why all the "snel”bus  as to do the same road ? It's so difficult to do 3 different queues with indication Vlissingen / Middelburg / Goes. And jump first on the bus the people to Vlissingen. After Middelburg.

And if the bus it's full can go straight to Middelburg. Less time. Lees petrol. Less pollution.

And Sunday that was possible. But the people on the bus had different destinations.


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Good afternoon Nba and welcome to the NS Community!

I'm sorry to read that you were unsatisfied with the replacement bus transportation. I will forward your suggestions, but I do want to comment on their being only one ‘type’ of bus.

Often, we do arrange multiple different types of replacement transportation, both a ‘fast’ service which goes from the starting station to the end station directly and a stopping service which stops at all intermediate stations. However, depending on the location and amount of passengers of a specific location, this is sometimes not effectively executable. In Zeeland, there is no specific fast highway between Bergen op Zoom and Vlissingen for the buses to take. The fastest route between Bergen op Zoom and Vlissingen will have the buses go past all the intermediate stations as well. It would likely cost more resources and time to have two different types of buses riding alongside each other, one going directly and one stopping, than there would be a time profit. I understand that for someone who has to go to Vlissingen it's annoying to have to stop at all intermediate stations, but in some situations, it's sadly not realistic to offer the other type.