What happened to the OV-fiets at Kardinge, Groningen?

  • 4 March 2023
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Today I wanted to rent bikes from P+R Kardinge in Groningen but was angered to find out that there is no possibility to do that anymore, only to rent a bike parking spot in the previous boxes. Why is that and is there any way to request it to be brought back? Thank you in advance.


Beste antwoord door Daniël NS 5 March 2023, 12:27

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Hey mht-nguyen. Welcome to the NS Community. 

The exact reason for this change I'm sadly not able to find for you, but I'm willing to bet it's because of low usage. I've filed a feedback form for you that you'd like to see this again, but I can't guarantee this will happen.

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The only P+R locations where you can rent bikes now seem to be in Utrecht (Westraven and Papendorp).

The ‘best bet’ from @Daniël NS is plausible (and will not be reversed anytime soon).