40% Discount (weekends free and of peak hours discount subscription)

  • 3 October 2022
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Hi! I bought a season ticket with my NS Account and linked my personal OV Chipkaart with this account online. Nevertheless, today I was charged the full ticket without the discount I was entitled to. How can I make sure that my subscription is actually linked with my OV Card, do I have to go to one of the machines to activate it? And how can I apply for a refund on the amount of discount that should have applied (40%)?


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Daniel Edwards


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A "peak hours discount" subscription???

Welcome to the NS Community, D.A. Edwards Vial.

If you order a subscription on an already existing OV-chipkaart you do have to activate it at a ticket machine before you can actually use the discount. Without doing that you'll still be travelling for full fare.
As for the missed discount, you can contact Customer Service for this. 

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A "peak hours discount" subscription???

Off peak hours

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