Flex non-reasonable cancellation

  • 17 May 2022
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I have ordered a NS flex Dal Voordeel yesterday, and I received the confirmation letter.

This morning, when I go to the train station, I tried to pick up the order on the machine. But unforthnately it poped up a cancellation window I clicked it without knowing it is cancellation (because it is in the pick up order session, which is very misleading).

When I finished my travel, I my Dal Voordeel was gone, and I spent 45 Euro instead of normal 27 Euro. I called NS service center, and was told that they could not help me. But I believe it is an design mistake of your system.

1.Why is the cancellation in the pick up order session? which is easy to misunderstand.

2.The cancellation email was sent to me 3 hours after my clicking, which is after my travel and make me impossible to notice the error.​​​​​​​

I would like to know if you can refund the 40% extra (18 Euro) to me? And I will buy the NS flex Dal Voordeel again.

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Hi Songyisy1 and welcome to the NS Community! 
It's strange that your contract has just been cancelled. Unfortunately, I can't check why your contract has been cancelled. Please contact our costumer service again for this. My advice is to send a message on Twitter or Facebook so my colleague can take the time to investigate what is going on. You can also request a refund there.