mijn ov chipkaard doesnt work

  • 17 April 2023
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my mother is going to a language course in rotterdam and the language course made a subscription to my mother's card so that my mother could go to the course, but the subscription gives an error when my mother tries to use the card, please can you help us fix it?


Beste antwoord door Stijn NS 17 April 2023, 20:35

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Good evening Merve Ozbayrak and welcome to the NS Community.

I’m sorry to read that your mother is having issues with a subscription, but I'm afraid the Community won’t be able to help much. It's a platform mainly meant for travellers to help eachother and the Community has no access to customer information. I would recommend for you and your mother to contact our Customer Service for this. They can be reached by phone, via Facebook, Twitter and chat. You can find all contact details here.

That being said, we may still be able to help if it's not an issue with the actual contract, but we need more information first. Do you know what kind of subscription it is? Has it been activated at a ticket machine? What error are you getting?

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In addition to what @Stijn NS already mentioned: it might be worthwhile to check if the balance on the card your mother is using isn't negative. That would also trigger an error when checking in.