my card is blocked

  • 3 November 2021
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Hey my card get blocked. I Got one month delay with payment. I received a later where I paid on 24th ocotber my ocotber bill. Now its 3rd november I need to Pay new bill but wanna Pay it at 24th albo but my card is blocked I cant travel. What I can do

2 reacties

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Badge +1 should not even have to ask this; PAY asap get blocked in case of subscriptions-NS is no bank that gives out credit. So the only immediate alternative is to VUy a blue anon. chipcard and load it with money to pay for your trips.

3.IF the due payment is done immdeiately, the blockage is removed after 6 monthes (and probably a new credit-check?)

Welkom to our NS Community, Ket1ow. What bahnrider says is correct. Except for point 2. An other option is to get a classic Dal Voordeel (choose for "On balance” in the top right corner), where you pay for the season ticket annually and also travel on balance.