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  • 8 October 2022
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Hi I have a weekend vrij subscription, is ov fiets subscription free with this?





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This subscription does not mean much-merely a registration of your data for in case of….. It is free for anyone who holds a personal chipcard. The cost of daily rent is of course not included and never free. There have also been quite a few reports about big problems and hefty fines to pay even when the system was clearly at fault for not properly registering returns of bikes, or the holds being full. Even the dutch consumer-organisation had to step in to resolve all this. Hopefully they even manage to solve it before it may hit you.

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The OV fiets subscription is included with NS Flex, which means that you can rent an OV fiets without having to register for OV fiets separately. You do have to pay rental costs each time you rent one, though (4.15 euros per 24 hours for the first three days; see this page for more information). These costs will be added to your invoice.