Questions over extra costs after pausing NS flex Dal vrij subscription

  • 6 May 2022
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Today I paused my NS flex dal vrij subscription, because I wont use it for next four to five months. My Subscription started date is 08 October and that was the data I paid my monthly bill. 

After paused my subscription and switched to NS flex basic, Mijn NS shows that expenditure to be paid is 355 Euro. I never use this subscription within peak hours or on other means of transport, the bill details said that 355 Euro is the season ticket costs?

Can anybody explain to me where this 355 Euro comes from? Many thanks 


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It is a wrong indication at MijnNS. You do not have to pay this. To be sure, contact Customer Service.


It often happens, the computersystem is wrong. When you have always paid your bills, you will even have a small amount of money back.

To be sure, check your bills at Mijn NS, or if you can’t contact Customer Service. No panic, no anger, that works a lot better. You may have had so called correctietarieven in the case something went wrong, but probably it is not the case.

At the end it is always calculated correctly. 

We do not have access to your bills.