Using dutch friends N26 account for paying subscription

  • 3 February 2024
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HI there, earlier I made a post about trying to pay for an NS subscription using a South African account. I tried creating a bunq and N26 account but bc I dont have a permit yet etc I cannot do so. My dutch friend has made a N26 account on her name in which I will transfer money into from an SA bank (so a swift transfer) then I will use that N26 account to pay for my subscription. Is this possible when paying for an NS subscription? or does the N26 account have to be in my name? i have ordered a personal OC card with my name and address so thats done I will just be logging in and buying the subscription and using her N26 account to pay. Would that work fine?


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This is possible. A subscription can be paid from any account, as long as it accepts SEPA direct debit. The name of the account holder does not matter.

You didn't need to buy a chipcard separately. You’d have received one for free when ordering an NS subscription.