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  • 26 October 2022
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Hello! I had a problem today ordering a one-way ticket. I tried two times to purchase a ticket from Amsterdam Airport to Dronten and both times I got an error during payment processing (i paid via credit card). This was done via a web browser. Then I installed the mobile app on my phone and everything went fine. Now I have two tickets I can't use. Is it possible to get them refunded?

I can provide all ordering numbers for you to check. I tried the chatbot but unfortunately never got redirected to an English speaking employee.


Thanks and kind regards, Benedikt 


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Hi BenediktLR and welcome on the NS Community! 

How unfortunate that you paid for those tickets but didn't receive them! Please contact our customer service for this. It is very busy. If you have Facebook or Twitter, you can send a message on one of those. At this moment you have to wait a few days for a reply, but I think that is better than waiting for the chat to answer. You do also need the order numbers of the tickets. You can find those in the description of your payments.