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  • 26 September 2023
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I find it ridiculous how many times there is an issue on this line. I live in The Hague and working in Eindhoven and something goes wrong almost every week. Anybody else with this issue ??

5 reacties

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The highspeedtrack Breda - Rotterdam - Schiphol is still notorious for train and infrastructure problems. More than any other train line in the Netherlands.

This normal for trains in the Netherlands.

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It's a pity that you see train failures so ofter. Unfortunately, this can sometimes happen. May I ask what time you take the train on a daily base from The Hague?

I usually go with the train leaving from Den Haag hs at 6.23 am and come back with the train leaving from

 Eindhoven 17.14 pm

and I do think that sometimes is not the correct word, when it happens twice a week ..

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Thanks for sending this! I will send your message to the right department so they can evaluate and hopefully improve this traject.