Stop Request for Maastricht-Den Helder Train

  • 5 September 2022
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I am a master student at Eindhoven University of Technology and am living in Heiloo. I have 8:45 lectures 3 days a week and I am leaving home at 5:50. I have to go and wait in Castricum station for half an hour to take the train for Eindhoven and it makes me very cold. Is it possible to add a Heiloo stop in that train so that I can gain more than 40 minutes. I believe it will increase the duration of the trip no more than 5 minutes, but save me from flu and cold. Thanks in advance.


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Other option is this one.


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I would suggest to have another look at the journey planner. There are better connections than having to wait at Castricum for half an hour. Like this one:



No, that's not possible because there are not many people to make this trip from Heiloo and also there is no room on the tracks for an additional stop with this train.