Can NS please do more to crack down on people abusing 1st class

  • 20 October 2021
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Firstly, I know this topic has been brought up many times on this forum, and believe me, I do not take great pleasure in writing this, but I’m adding my voice to the many others who have raised concerns over people doing the wrong thing deliberately travelling in 1st class when they know they have no such ticket.


These people often wear no masks, have complete disregard for the silence carriages,  and really, it’s not ok. Part of the whole reason I upgraded to 1st class a while back was to avoid these people and travel safer by being able to social distance more (yes I am vaccinated, but still do not want to catch this awful virus if I can help it). Initially it was great, but now you hear people boast in Dutch oh who cares let’s sit here conductors never check anymore 


Can I suggest maybe:


  • Stickers on the windows or on the seats of first class compartments reminding passengers it’s first class and you may not sit here with a second class ticket (and that penalties apply)
  • Conductors to announce over the intercom that travelling in first class with a second class ticket is not permitted, the same way they announce wearing a mask is mandatory at the beginning of each journey 


Sorry. As said, I do not take great pleasure in writing this, but unfortunately my observations are showing that it’s been getting worse as of recently 

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This trend has, unfortunately, been going on for years. It has its ups and downs, but Dutch train conductors aren’t very noticeable in the trains and often hide in a first class compartment or in the unused driver’s compartment. You can travel around the entire country in first class without your ticket being checked. People tend to argue when they get caught, which will frighten-off a group of train staff. Barring the train staff who does take this seriously, NS as a company doesn’t care one single bit. The usual reply will be that train staff can hand out fines or have ‘various other tasks’.

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I would rather see that NS invest more in boa's and let them patrol the train instead of conductors.
Because if conductors have other tasks to do than please hire people to do the actually checking and fining.
Maybe than people will show some respect and think twice of breaking the rules.
Zero tolerance is the only policy that will work. Break the rules is fine.
Don't agree go to customer service.

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Recently I spoke to a conductor about this irritating problem. She admitted she did not check tickets all too often because there always are loads of other tasks to do (mostly unexpected tasks), but she was very well aware of the 1st class problem. She also said she everyday had discussions with persons that smoke on trains, play music loudly, are angry with NS because of travel disruptions or missed trains while changing, have an intimidating attitude, provoking her and so on. That's the world we live in today, she remarked. I had the feeling it overwhelmed her a bit.