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  • 16 January 2022
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I subscribed for NS Flex for 1 month, while I was living temporarily in the Netherlands. Now I am not there anymore, tried many times to cancel the subscription, but the only option I was given was to cancel the OV chip kaard. However, the NS Flex subscription is connected to my bank account and they keep charging me for 5,10€ every month. How can I cancel the subscription for outside the Netherlands (I can't go to the machines...)??


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NO, you can do it easily now all by yourself, as this is the big advantage of FLEX. Open/activate your mijnNS account -ONLY via site, not on app on fone!!!!!- and change to FLEX-BASIS, this means you wont get charged anymore, you maybe even get a % of the running month back and when you return to here=NL then you can still use it, but always will be charged full price, also for bustram, and this will be encashed once/month from that bank-account. IF so wanted by then, change again all by yorself to DalVoordeel or whatever you fancy.

I'm sorry that your subscription isn't canceled yet. You can change your subscription yourself into the free version in your Mijn NS-account. Our customer service can do this as well. The reason you need to have the card canceled before we can cancel the subscription completely, is that if we cancel it on an active card and you don't deactivate at a machine, the monthly emails with the notice for a 0,- euros invoice won't stop. The normal way to go for people who can't confirm a cancellation at a machine is to first switch it to the free version, have them block the card and then stop the subscription completely.

Thank you. Although I call several timer for the customer service, no one could give me that information. Thank you very much.