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  • 25 October 2023
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I am a Canadian attempting to contact Customer Service in order to find out the status of a claim. 


The NS International site presupposes a European telephone number and a European postal code. Without those, it is not possible to reach Customer Service using the website.


My cell plan does not include European coverage.


My claim was submitted some time ago. Although the website promises a response within a certain period of time, that has long passed.


Is there an email address which I can use to directly reach customer service? 


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Welcome to the NS Community!

Claims can take quite a while to process, easily a few months.

If your cell plan doesn’t include European coverage, use somebody else’s phone. There are no extra costs (so you only use their minutes bundle, of which many people have a lot or even unlimited).

Alternatively, use WhatsApp (free). The number is +31 30 23 000 23

All contact details here Unfortunately, they have no e-mail support.