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  • 14 September 2022
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Hi I did tag a card yesterday at 22:41 in Maastricht station. But in the NS app it said I did not check out. I saw the notification that I made a travel by a train to Sittard to Maastricht, but the balance seems something wrong with it. Should I wait for the system to be processed, or should I get a refund from NS website?


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Did you really check in/out for NS? Or for Arriva?

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You have to checkIN+OUT on the same company-different gates in Sittard-masts in Mstr. If not done properly (and yes, this is utmost confusing, hardly ever properly explained and also baffles many dutch people) it will lead to ´missed checkouts-and also checkIN. YOu can partly correct that via, or have to call service centre. If not done, it may cost you 20+10€ to pay