Buying Dal Voordeel without Dutch bank account?

  • 12 September 2016
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Is it possible to buy a new personal OV chipkaart and the Dal Voordeel ticket (either together or as separate transactions) without a Dutch bank account?

I called customer service, and someone there said I should be able to order both at the station and pay with cash, credit card, etc., but the employees at my station (Leiden) say that's not possible.

So, is there any way to buy both without using iDEAL and a Dutch bank account?

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You can order the subscription by phone, but for some reason only without a free OV-chipcard. You should buy a personal OV-chipcard first at , which is only possible from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.
Thanks for you response. I'm in the Netherlands now and have an address here, but it seems that ordering the card alone also requires iDEAL/a Dutch bank account.

Is it possible to order the card without iDEAL/a Dutch bank account?
Did you try PayPal with a Dutch address?
I did not. The NS website makes it sound like that's only an option if you're in one of the other countries you mentioned.

But I'll try it if it has worked for others.
That's not an NS-website, but a TLS-website. I'm not sure whether it works, but it's certainly easier to try than moving to Belgium. If you menage to buy a personal OV-chipcard, you can call NS to buy the subscription.
Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try it.

Anyone else have a method that has worked in the past?
Hi ahbi,

Welcome to the NS Serviceforum 🙂 If you have a personal OV-chipcard, you can order a Dal Voordeel contract by telephone or at a station. This will only work of you have an IBAN.
Hi Iris, Thanks for your response.

Part of the problem is that I do not have a personal OV-chipcard right now. How can I get one without a Dutch bank account or iDEAL?

If I have an IBAN, can I just give that number to the person I speak with on the phone, for instance?
Part of the problem is that I do not have a personal OV-chipcard right now. How can I get one without a Dutch bank account or iDEAL?

If you know someone with iDEAL they can order the card for you. Their account will only be charged the fee for the card.

Until at least december 2015 you could order a personal OV-chipcard with PayPal and a Dutch adress. The card could be sent to a holiday adress (eg hotel) in Holland. This is no longer possible.

The only way you can get a card now is through the post. Go to a NS-station or another adress you find through for a paper application form.

The process takes about 3 weeks and the chipcardcompany charges 3,00 euros extra.

Then you can order the Dal Voordeel at the station or by phone. You might have to insist at the station. Not all customer-service representatives know there is a way to get a subscription without iDEAL. They should have a folder with all necessary steps behind the desk.

If you order with IBAN over the phone it takes 10 extra days before you can use the subscription. Have the card at hand because you will need the IBAN number and possibly other information on the card.

The chipcard is free when you buy it with a year subscription. When you have the card you can ask the 7,50 euros back from NS customer-service. They should do this out of coulance.