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Dal voordeel and weekend vrij

  • 5 June 2022
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I wanted to add the dal voordeel packet to my already existing weekend vrij packet, I thought this was possible, but when I received my invoice it seems like it is not possible. I now only get 40% discount on weekends and I am not travelling for free anymore, is that correct? Is there a way you can please help me sort this out? I want to be able to travel free on weekends as well as travel with 40% discount during the week.

Thanks in advance.



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I think you ordered Weekend Voordeel by accident and not Weekend Vrij with 40 percent reduction during the week. Contact Customer Service. They are available 24/7. 030 7515155.

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Hi @Janeke Ackerman 

40% discount during mo-fr off peak hours is available as an add-on to your Weekend Vrij subscription, but it seems like you've cancelled your Weekend Vrij and replaced it with Dal Voordeel.

I think the best solution is to contact customer service by phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook. Hopefully they can correct it for you