Joint journey discount widget is gone in the app

  • 31 January 2024
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If you are already logged in to the app you may see it but if you logout and login, the widget is not there anymore. I can not enable joint journey discount in the android app and I already use the latest version.


Beste antwoord door Lorena NS 31 January 2024, 11:48

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Hi nturker and welcome to the NS Community! 

I don't have this issue (even after logging out and in again). When you are logged in, it should be possible to also add this widget to the startpage (reisplanner) of the app. Does that work for you? If that doesn't work, please send this to the app supprt. You can also activate the joint discount in your My NS-account on the webpage.  

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Hi nturker,

Do you have a subscription which gives you discount? In that case the widget has disappeared because it's not applicable for you. If you receive discount yourself, you don't have to turn on Joint journey discount.

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The Samenreiskorting (Combined Travel Discount) option has been missing in the NS app (Android) for a few days. I see the same with cards that have Flex Basis and Weekend Voordeel.

The website should work for applicable subscriptions (Flex Basis, Weekend Voordeel or Weekend Vrij without 40% off-peak discount).

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I do have Flex Basis, I see the same option at webpage but not in the app. Also no widget with that name unfortunately :( 

We have the same issue. Journey discount can be activated only on the website. The app and ns automat stopped showing this option

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We have the same issue. Journey discount can be activated only on the website. The app and ns automat stopped showing this option

With NS Flex you can do almost nothing at a machine anymore (execpt pick up orders).

The app is broken, they are working on it. Meanwhile, use the Mijn NS website.

Hi has this issue been solved? Because I cannot pay with discount both not trough the app and not through the website! I am totally disappointed and I think this is a non transparent behaviour of NS! 

I'm so sorry that happened! What kind of error are you getting?

I have the flex dal voordeel subscription, but I don’t see the discount on the app anymore. What’s going on?

What kind of discount do you mean? When you check in with your Dal Voordeel season ticket you are automatically granted the discount when you check-in in the off-peak hours.

I can’t see the discount when purchasing the train ticket online on the app. 

Do you purchase this ticket for yourself? Because Join Discount is only usable for people that are traveling wíth you. The only way you can use your own discount is to check in with your OV-chipcard. Otherwise the discount is not valid.

Yes, it’s for myself. Previously I could purchase it on the app with my credit card and with the discount. It used to show me the discounted price, but that option has now disappeared. 

I can still see the discount option on the website but not on the app anymore.

You're not supposed to use it for yourself. You can only use your own discount checking in and out with your OV-chipcard. This option was only available for people traveling with you to get your extended discount, but this procedure has changed.

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The subscription holder doesn’t need to activate Samenreiskorting (combined travel discount) so that option is gone. It would give a message anyway that with Dal Voordeel, you don’t need it.

Seems like @PaaMa wants to buy a ticket for somebody else in the NS app (plan a journey → buy ticket → say you want the 40% off version). That option is gone indeed.

On the website, it’s also gone.

The ‘Red more’ then says to read the options for discount fares carefully. There aren’t any except when ordering ‘early bird’ (PriceDeal) tickets.