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  • 9 August 2022
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Hello, everyone. i would just like to know what the process is for requesting a refund for missed checkout’s when on the NS Flex subscription. when i try to request a refund it says i cannot do it yet?


Beste antwoord door Tomas NS 9 August 2022, 11:01

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Good morning Tigzc95 and welcome to our Community!


It can take a few days before the missed checkout can be corrected, as it needs time to be processed by the NS Flex systems. Especially if the missed checkout is a recent one, I assume that is the reason you're not able to correct it. Did you already receive an e-mail telling you you've missed a checkout? If that's the case and you're still not able to correct your missed checkout, I recommend contacting customer service.

Hi, Tomas. thank you for your reply!

I have 2 missed check-outs. one from the End of April that still tells me i cant claim it yet and i have another one from last week. the one from April should be ready to claim by now, surely? 

i don’t think iv received any emails telling me iv missed a checkout, i only realized when i saw my Bill for the month was higher than normal.

should i just contact customer service regardless?

That would be my recommendation, yes. The one for April should be no issue, but it's best to contact customer service anyway to see if the other one has been processed yet. They will be able to help you with both :).

Please do note that there are queues for Twitter and Facebook as well as our chat. The quickest way of reaching us at this time is by phone: 030 - 751 51 55.