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  • 23 September 2022
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I am an international student, who’s trying to learn Dutch, and have my NS app therefore in Dutch. I bought a ticket, which apparently was only available for ‘daluren’, which is off peak hours I now know. I was wondering if it is possible for me to get a refund for this ticket as I am not able to use it now.

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Hi StandingSam,

Did you buy a ticket for a journey or a subscription? (‘Dal Voordeel’ is a subscription)

For journey-tickets it usually isn't possible to get a refund, because you might travel with it anyway.

For subscriptions there is a ‘14-day cooling-off period’. You can cancel the subscription in this period by contacting the Customer Service directly by phone (+31 (0) 30 - 7515155), chat, Facebook or Twitter. You can also submit a form. More information is found on this page.

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Single/return online tickets for the day with ´voordeel´ are ONLY allowed to use if one travels with someone who has a permanent subscription on his/her card.

DalVoordeel cost 5,10/month and with that you get 40% off when checking IN during the off-peak hours. Must be paid advance via I-Deal (hence via a dutch bank-account) and is always loaded on a chipcard with your foto+name on it.