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  • 16 April 2022
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I travel 3 times per week ( 3 week days ) from Amsterdam RAI station to Almere Buiten station by train. Right now I have the NS Flex subscription on my OV chipkaart and I want to change my subscription cause I am paying more than I want.

I did the choice test in NS website and the presented most suitable choice was Valley Advantage ( Dal Voordeel ), but I saw that this deal offers discounts only for off-peak hours, weekends, holidays, so never when I need it.

Is Valley Advantage ( Dal Voordeel ) or the Traject Vrij deal the best for me ?

Could you please help me ?



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Hi Jeroon K! 

As far as I can tell, the Traject Vrij is the best deal for you. This lets you travel on your track of choice unlimited and with a discount outside of this track during the off peak hours. Is that all clear to you?

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Seriously: Valley Advantage? 🤣
Please change that to ‘Off-peak Discount’.

For Amsterdam RAI to Almere Buiten when traveling 3d/week in peak hours only, you are better off with Altijd Voordeel, which gives you 20% discount (and 40% in off-peak hours).

Traject Vrij: € 193,10

Amsterdam RAI - Almere Buiten (full fare): € 7,50
With 3d/week return and 4 weeks in a month: € 180,00

With the 20% discount: € 144,00 (travel) + € 24,20 (subscription), total € 168,20

Cheaper than Traject Vrij, and you save more (40% discount) when able to travel off-peak (check-in before 6:35, after 8:55 or before 16:05 and after 18:25 on weekdays).

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Thank you very much !

I changed it to Altijd Voordeel