Gratis Dal Voordeel, international student

  • 9 February 2022
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Can international students who are not eligible to apply for student travel product (student OV) also have the advantage of Gratis Dal Voordeel voor ex-studenten/langstudeerder?


Beste antwoord door Laura NS 9 February 2022, 20:48

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Welcome to our NS Community Yanice. Unfortunately this is not possible.

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Note that this ┬┤present┬┤ has the actual value of 5,10/month. That is how much you pay in FLEX for exactly the same off-peak discount, named DalVoordeel in dutch. If you do not have one yet, the chipcard also comes free when starting such a transcription (normal price 7,50).

Goal of NS is to keep the ex-students as client when their study is done and they start working. Except that as its off-peak only, it will not work for normal work-commutes.