I forgot to check in at an NS counter and got fined 50 euros.

  • 29 September 2022
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Hi. My name is Arun.

Today I am travelling from Netherlands to Dubai via Emirates. I was carrying luggage and leaving from Wageninen to Schipol airport. At Ede Wageninen station, I completely forgot to check in at the NS machine. It could have been due to tiredness since I was carrying over 30 kilograms of luggage.

Is it possible for me to get a refund for it. I am happy to share proof. 


The conductor in the train just scanned my card and did not indicate anything also. And I checked in and out of Schipol airport unsure of what the right procedure was to follow.


Could you help me?


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The fine is justified, as you had no valid ticket. You do not pay for the train without a check in.You can contact Customer Service. With a first fine they may be generous, but it is no right. You will still have to pay some amount for your journey.

The train conductor is nog obliged to indicate this, though it may be decent.

Hi Thom, yes was my first ever fine.

I will contact them. Thanks.


I contacted them and they corrected my ticket price. Thanks again.


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The train conductor is nog obliged to indicate this, though it may be decent.

That obligation is not there for travellers on a Business Card, but with NS Flex (which is pretty much the same) the conductor should mention any registration they make (that info from @Loes).

Unfortunately, many don’t even seem to know that a registration (resulting in a correction fee) is made, or they choose to not mention it to avoid discussions/aggression.

As in “it’s ok, I checked you in” (which is impossible).

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I consider this as a wise choice. The fear of aggression makes that train conductors do not check the cards. This helps them stimulate to do what we all want them to do. ;-)

The aggression is the problem in the train besides the stupid and unasked ‘discussion’. Avoiding this means aggression free traveling and more rest for the real customers, e.g. the paying ones.

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True, but when making a Flex registration (missing or wrong check-in) they should not ‘lie’ about it.

Instead, they should say “you will get a correction (which is not a fine), contact Customer Service afterwards”