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  • 8 August 2023
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I travell multiple times a week 2 h in the morning and 2 h in the evening and in the intercity between Amsterdam and Vliessingen is always always cold, no matter where I sit. There is always a draft and cold air contact that gives me always a headache. I always had 2 times a cold in the last 2 months, even if I am having warm jackets on and scarfs. It’s colder than outside.
Mia there a reason why is so cold? I have seen many complains on the NS community. Can the temperature not be a bit higher and less powerful? 


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Hi Justapassanger and welcome at the NS Community.


The NS staff always tries to make a journey as pleasant as possible. If you feel that your train is too cold (or warm) you may always contact the NS Customer Service. My colleagues there will report this internally, so that someone can look after the temperature in the train.