dissambled fiets in de train

  • 11 August 2023
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Dear Community,

is it allowed to take a disambled bike in a bicycle luggage with 120 × 90 × 25 cm in the NS and the international trains? I have the one from Decathlon and used it from Cologne to France.


Train 1. ICE250 from Cologne - Utrecht

Train 2. IC1730 from Utrecht - Den Haag

train 3 IC1775 from Den Haag - Utrecht

train 4 IC 60403 from Utrecht - Cologne

thanks for your help!


Beste antwoord door Robert B 11 August 2023, 18:01

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Welcome to the NS Community!

The conditions state that for a non-folding bicycle (even a disassembeled one), a ticket is needed. Also, carry-on luggage should not exceed 85×85×85 cm (so theoretically, a washing machine is allowed).

But if the bike is in a 120×90×25 box or bag, just store it upright against a wall and sit next to it. They will probably allow it.

Just to be safe, you could buy a ticket via (in August, bicycles are also allowed in peak hours, this for the IC1730 train).

Hi there Niko_cgn and welcome to our Community.

Robert has given the correct answer regarding bicycles in domestic trains.

For the international trains you mention, there's different conditions. You can find more information here. IC 60403 runs as a Nightjet service.