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  • 29 June 2023
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I recently left my phone on an NS train and I have filled out the form to let NS know and I have heard back that they have not found my phone. However, I can see on my phones location that it is at the NS Engineering centre in Amsterdam, most likely still on the train. I have spoke with NS on the phone who have assured me they cannot do anything but surely there is something I can do as it seems pointless to just leave me phone on the train until it leaves the centre. Is it possible to get in touch with the NS engineering centre? As the phone number they have on Google does not work. Or could NS not let me know if the train that my phone is on has moved or when it does leave the centre? 


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Good afternoon lucyy97 and welcome to the NS Community.

I’m assuming you've been in contact with our lost and found department. If they've mentioned that they can't do anything else for your at the time, then that's the only answer I can give as well. I'm sorry.