Can't get money back

  • 20 November 2023
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I have a NS Business card from work and when, commuting back home, I had a problem with the station ticket gate. On the gate it said I checked in, but the door themselves didn’t open. I used the information button and was helped by a NS employee who told me to wait a moment and try again, which I did, on another set of doors and it worked. Now I have two payment requests on my dashboard, one for the trip I took that day and another one for a “unchecked-out trip” a couple minutes earlier. I’m trying to get the refund through normal means (mijn NS and but it doesn’t allow me to ask for the refund. Any ideas on what should I do?


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Hello s.m.p, welcome at our community,


You may reach our Business customer service with this request. You can reach them via X, Facebook or by phone (+31 30 300 11 11).