I was charged 3 times when my chipkaart automatically topped up

  • 3 August 2022
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Hi, I’m trying to understand why my iDEAL card was charged 3 times with an automatic top-up. It showed one €20 upcoming charge for today, but I ended up being charged €20 three times. The balance shown on the card is €11,79 (and was last updated 26-07-2022 18:44). The three statements show the dates 20-07-22 12:53, 25-07-22 17:47 and 26-07-22 16:41. This doesn’t make sense to me, because I was already charged for an automatic top-up on 25-07-22, and I have not travelled with it since 26-07-22.

The balance I had when last travelling was €11,79 and the card shows as much (with the time the card balance was last updated being *after* any of the statements on my card).

Why would I have been charged a top-up multiple times? And if it had added €60 to my card’s balance, why isn’t that shown?


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Did you also check your travel history to see what was charged for your travels? It could be that a check-in or check-out is missing resulting in €20 being deducted from the balance of your OV-chipcard, which is then topped up automatically.

Welcome to our NS Community, frog. Does this happen through automatic charging from OV-chipkaart themselves? Those deductions sometimes pile up and are shown on on day in your bank account. But it could be that the charge was done earlier on the OV-chipcard.

Well. I checked my travel history and I guess it makes sense, I just expected to be charged for each top-up as I went, or to have had the extra top-ups shown ahead of time.

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Your bank statement will show the date and time when the reloading took place in the description.

The auto debit for automatic reloading typically follows about 5 days later.

The ‘upcoming charge’ as stated by your bank can also be the result of some ‘prediction algorithm’ for recurring charges of the same amount (e.g. rent, energy bill, insurances), and would not be accurate in this case.

If you travel without a subscription, the boarding fee for NS is € 20,00 so if your current balance is € 11,79 another reload will happen at your next check-in (each time your card’s balance drops below € 0,00).

For full details, see (with a My OV-chip account).