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  • 14 September 2022
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I want to choose subscription but service didn’t allow me. It shows message “you have a debt” but I paid all my checks. How to solve this problem? 

14 reacties

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NS checks your creditworthiness. This as such is understandable. You may have a debt or debts elsewhere, or a lack of income. It is definitely not only about debts at NS. When you do not pass this check, it may be impossible to get a subscription, unfortunately. 

NS uses a  company with a controversial practise for this. Have you moved to another house or another neighborhood with a lot of defaulters lately? It may influence it. Check whether you have debts or unpaid bills that are registrated for being long overdue e.g. for a cellphone.

Good morning.

I don’t have not- payed checks anywhere. Not in my phone, NL cards, home… I come from Ukraine after Russian war. I live in a hotel. I had a problem with paying because I didn’t know rules in this country. I called to NL service by phone and I paid in time.  You can check my calls. For living I need to work and my work is in another city. I don’t have a car. I must go by train. 

 Please understand my position.  I don't shy away from payments.  I'm trying to survive in foreign country and I’m paying in time. It’s wondering for me to deprive a person of the opportunity of living and working according to assumptions reasons. 

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We are not Customer Service. We explain how it works as volunteers, it is no  judgement about you. There is no reason to. We cannot check anything and we do not have access to your data. You do suggest assumptions reasons, we do not, we explain how it works. According to your reaction you may have assumptions reasons.

Does a call to the support service raise so many questions that for this a person is deprived of the opportunity to take a subscription ??



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It is not because of the call itself.

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It could help to change your address and order again. Try e.g. with the address of your work place or a friend.

The thing is, this questionable credit check does not check your personal situation. It checks the address, for example when previously people lived their with debts, then that could be a problem.

After a successful order, you can then change it back to your real address.

I will try. Thank you. 

I changed address to address of my registration, but it is still not allow me to by discount supplement. 

“We’re sorry, unfortunately you don’t meet the credit check requirements for ordering NS Flex. Your order can therefore not be processed.”


Could you please check this problem!!

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If you recently changed the address and the system still doesn’t allow you to get NS Flex, wait another day and try again.

It doesn’t work. I tried every day. 

Good morning! 
How You can check this problem?

Good morning! 
Help me please. 
It still doesn’t possible to make 40% discount 

If you are denied a Flex subscription you can buy a DalVoordeel subscription "op saldo" where you pay as you go after every trip.

Good afternoon I Kolomiiets. My apologies that your messages have gone without replies for a number of days, that should not have happened.

The replies from users thus far have been made with the assumption that you're getting a negative credit check from Focum (I think). This external company only performs the credit check when you are not already familiar in our customer system.

I had a problem with paying because I didn’t know rules in this country. I called to NL service by phone and I paid in time.

This message however makes me think you had a subscription before and had issues with those payments. If this is indeed the case, the credit error you're getting is not from Focum, but based on an internal check which means there are still unpaid expenses from a previous subscription. I would recommend to contact our Customer Service so my colleagues can have a look if there are still unpaid invoices blocking a new purchase. I would recommend calling by phone or starting a chat conversation. All contact options can be found here.

If you prefer, you can also send me a private message. I do need to mention that my Community shift ends in about 2 hours from now. Any messages received after that won’t be handled until next week.