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  • 3 June 2023
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Where Is the Place for the stroller?

Today i found a spot in the bike area, After 2 stops ,3 people came with their bikes and asked to move my stroller with my baby inside to make space for the bikes (After moving 2 lugguages from someone else they had plenty of space for 2 of then).

But Is It really bikes over stroller?

If so what if i also pay 7.50 for my stroller? Do i then get same treatment as them?

I much rather be there than in front of the bathroom that smells like piss. Or standing for 2 hours next to the entrance (i cannot leave It unattended).

The train was and Intercity with 2 decks.





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Yes it is really bikes over stroller. The stroller can beplaced in an other compartment. 

Where? And if i pay?

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There is only one entrance in a train where you can place a bike. In all the other entrances you can place a stroller. Paying is not possible because it is a place for bikes and not for strollers.

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In the bike area bikes have priority. You can put a stroller there when there are no bikes placed there but when someone with a bike comes you will have to move. During peak hours bike are not allowed in the train, so at those times you can put a stroller there without the risk of having to move. Except in July or August, in those months bikes are allowed all day, also during peak hours. 


Perhaps you can use the wheelchair space as long that there are no wheelchairs placed there. I think there are less wheelchairs in the train than bikes, so less change of having to move.