left ov-fiets at selfservice parking

  • 4 September 2022
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I took at bike at “Ams Centraal” station (managed parking), and returned it back the same date at “Ams Muiderpoort” self-service parking.

I entered the self-service parking with my NS-pass and just left the bike there, but today I received an email from NS, saying “you are with the bike still ..”.


Did I returned it wrong? How to fix it? =)




Beste antwoord door Daniel 5 September 2022, 07:58

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When you rent at AMS Central Station, you do need to return it at AMS Central Station. You dit not. There will be 10 euro extra cost, because the bike needs to be returned where you started

Reopen it, and when you are sure it it the same bike, bring it back to Central Station is a poosibilty, but just contacting Customer Service as well. It is weird as you rent a new bike. The system will not understand iI guess. It is wise to contact Customer Service and inform them. 030 7515155, English spoken, you have to choose OV-fiets in the menu. This situation may give some hassle. They will instruct you.

> There will be 10 euro extra cost, because the bike needs to be returned.

I’m ok to pay the fee, as im not from Amsterdam, and it’s not handy to come back to return it.


So, did NS find the bike that I parked in the end? As the notification is not clear to me ..

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With a proper return you will need to pay this. Normally it will work this way automatically, but it may be wise to inform for your peace of mind.

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When you "just left the bike", as written in your first post, it won't end the rental period. It may even be that someone took it when finding an OV-fiets with the key still inside.

What @Thom is writing about the 10 euro surcharge only applies when the bike is returned properly at Muiderpoort. So the key should be put in the key vault after choosing the option to return a bike. Just opening the gate at the entrance to the bike shed doesn't end or begin a rental period! And as an email was sent as a reminder, the rental period clearly wasn't stopped properly.

As you're not in Amsterdam it's best to contact customer service immediately and have the rent ended manually. Explain to them where you left the bike, but keep in mind they'll always go and check that the bike is actually there. When it's not, you'll get a fine for stealing a bike as when getting an OV-fiets subscription you agreed to being responsible for the bike until the rental period is properly ended.

@Daniel yep, exactly as you described, i didn’t place the key in the vault ..

NS customer service closed the rent now, however there is a chance i’m going to get a fine during coming 5 weeks, if the bike is not found  = (

NS customer service could say where is the bike at the moment either, and I didn’t note the bike’s number myself.