OV bike returned at Nijmegen station, but never got registered into system

  • 14 October 2023
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I’ve checked out an OV bike with automatic lock on Wednesday, October 11th and returned it the same day at the OV bike station at Nijmegen central. I used my OV card to check out the bike and also used it again to register it when I checked it in. I then took the train back to Amsterdam where I live. This was a work day trip. I now, 3 days later, got a message that they never received the bike and I have to pay and return it.


Customer service chat doesn’t respond. They kept me on hold for 2 hours and then when they logged in a person, they forgot to reply after I’ve given them details.


Got a customer service human by phone after one hour more. She took my details and told me they will look for the bike. But in case they don’t find it I have to pay a large sum of money and if I don’t agree with this I have to file a police report. Then she proceeded to laugh at me when I said I won’t do this because I have returned the bike. Quality customer service right there!


Leaving aside the fact that I checked the bike in and out for a one day trip. This is an insane amount of time wasted trying to explain a situation for a system that is obviously not working. The automatic lock on the bike doesn’t seem to be communicating with the overall NS system, otherwise I wouldn’t have to explain, like for children, where I left the bike. Surely that bike has been checked out again over the past days but there’s no system to keep track of this which is truly maddening.


I read a lot of the notices on this community forum before posting and it seems the issue keeps repeating itself over and over again.


It’s clear that you shouldn’t launch a system if you haven’t linked and tested it properly. It’s a headache to deal with for users. And if you do train customer service representatives don’t make them laugh at customers when the fault is of the system you’ve implemented. I mean, don’t make them laugh at customers in general. Geez.


I await your prompt and professional reply to this. Let’s see if this is even possible. Thank you.

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Good afternoon Alina Lupu, Welcome to the NS Community!

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your problem through this platform. I would like to ask you to contact our customer service via phone, chat. X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook.

I did @Melissa NS, but as you can see, from my message the reponse to my contacting NS customer support is for the customer support representative to laugh in my face.

This is not customer support.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask you to contact customer service again. Through this platform we cannot help you with this issue.

I will do it, @Melissa NS, but they do not help. This is time that I waste. Is the NS going to give me this time back due to their system error? Where can I file a complaint against the treatment of NS that I witnessed today?

You can also submit your complaint through our customer service department. 

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@Alina Lupu The mistake is that you used your card when returning the bike. That way you might have returned it in the first place, but then rented it again after presenting your card. 

There definitely are issues with those electronic locks, but these are to some extent related to users not reading the instructions. It's nowhere in the instructions that you have to use your card while returning the bike.

@Daniel have you considered that YOU have to build a system that needs to take users into account and make instructions easily readable and accessible to them? Accessibility must come from the company. This is what one pays for. It’s not an individual issue. It’s company responsability which is lacking, considering the fact that, if you check this community board, this keeps happening.

Blaming your customers, additionally having customer support laughing in their face, is unhelpful.

Fix your system.

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@Alina Lupu I'm just another user of NS services, just like you are.

You've posted your comments on the NS Community where passengers help each other. Only the moderators are actually NS employees here

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You can also submit your complaint through our customer service department. 

Chat and phone are already customer service department, correct?

Anyway @Alina Lupu, if NS want you to pay for a lost bike, then have a look here:


At the bottom, there are a number of FAQs and your issue is the first one.