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OV-fiets Did I store it correctly

  • 11 July 2023
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Today I rented a OV-fiets bicycle for one of the first times in The Hague at about 11 in the morning at the central station and used it till the end of the day around 06:45 and I left it in the storage facility at the station Voorburg in The Hague. I scanned my ov-chip card on the way in and the way out and I do not know if I did it correctly. This email is just to make sure that everything is in order. I hope to hear back from you soon


Matija Poljansek


Beste antwoord door Daniël NS 11 July 2023, 21:23

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Hey Matija Poljansek. Welcome to the NS Community.

We can't check this for you here. I'd recommend contacting our customer service to have this checked.