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  • 14 April 2022
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Good morning. 
i would like to know what it would cost me additionally in the month if I upgrade to first class? 
i currently have the subscription that I travel from Amsterdam Centraal to Hoofddorp for a fee every month. Can I also travel first class with this option? 
I hope to hear from you soon. 


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A second class Traject Vrij season ticket for Amsterdam Centraal-Hoofddorp costs 142.60 euros per month. This'll be the amount you pay now. A first class Traject Vrij season ticket costs 241.00 euros per month. The additional costs would therefore be 241.00 − 142.60 = 98.40 euros per month.

Additionally, you can also choose to upgrade to first class only incidentally. Assuming you have NS Flex Traject Vrij you can do this in the app. This costs 3.75 euros per (one-way) journey during peak hours (i.e. 67% of the second class fare).

For more information, see this page. Or simply ask any further questions here, of course.