• 28 August 2022
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Hello.  I issued a subscription and an OV-card on 22.08.2022. Why hasn't the OV card arrived at the address yet?


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Dobry den. There is a normal waiting time for the card to be produced of 7 days-the day you can expect it should be advised when buying it. Dutch mail will not bring mails on MOn-so tue 30/8 is first day you can expect it.

There have been quite a few reports last weeks that cards did not arrive on time-by whatever reason. You can then call NS-in case you also ant/have ordered a season ticket- for how to do it without paying more.

This comes from an Abellio train in Germany, owned by NS, on its wifi, and a group of 4 jolly Ukraynina ladies sit right before me and discussing how this works in Germany and where to go next. They come from somewhere between Mikolayiv and Kherson.

My OV card with an NS Flex subscription, it is active from 29.08. What to do with the train travel now? I need to go to work in Amsterdam tomorrow. Will it then be possible to receive compensation for the purchased ticket?

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You can arrange this with Customer Service. It is a 24/7 service but wating times are long because of the strike. You will have no extra costs.

Hello. Do I need to activate my ov card with NS Flex season tickets before my first check-out?

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Hello. Do I need to activate my ov card with NS Flex season tickets before my first check-out?

No, the subscription is already active on the new card.

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If you ordered NS Flex together with a new card, it is already activated. NS Flex is already put on the card when sent to you.

Only if you ordred NS Flex on a card you already had, you do need to activate it.


Good to read you did receive your new card now, although it is later than it should.

There is one more question. Tell me, please, how to get a 40% discount on another route (this is taken into account by subscription)? Do I need to activate Samenreiskorting before that or will the discount be automatic during off-peak hours?

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Since you ask about other routes you probably have NS Flex Traject Vrij. Am I correct?

With Traject Vrij you simply check in and check out like on your selected route, the extra costs will be on your monthly bill. When the check in is during off-peak hours and weekends you get the 40% discount. No need to activate anything else.

Automatically? Right?)

I got it. Thank you very much for the replies

Hello. Will I be able to travel from Hoofddorp to Amsterdam Centraal tomorrow? Or will there be a strike?

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NS staff will not strike tomorrow, so the NS trains between Hoofddorp and Amsterdam Centraal will run as normal.

Thank you)

Hello. How do I renew my NS Flex subscription? Will the invoice arrive by e-mail?

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NS Flex subscriptions are continuous: until you explicitly end it, the subscription will be active. The subscription costs (and travel costs) will continue to be withdrawn from your bank account automatically, and you will of course keep receiving invoices.

Hello. I want to pay for a subscription with an NS Flex subscription. Appendix NS shows the billing date of 30.09. But nothing money has been written off from the account yet. Why is that? When will the money be written off? And will the subscription be active tomorrow?

Or do I just need to deposit the required amount on the card?

Invoices will be deducted from your bank account automatically. Please do not deposit anything on the card, as it can not be used.

Ok. I'll wait. Thank you

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The (monthly) invoice date shown in the Mijn NS and NS app widget is notoriously incorrect.

Mine shows 30 october but I will surely get an invoice on 9 october.

Another account shows 30 september, but I received my invoice 26 september so that should be 26 october.

The actual date for the auto debit (from your bank account) is usually a few days after the invoice date, the e-mail should say that. Your subscription will work.

Hello. how to cancel a subscription? I don't need a new one

You can change it to NS Flex Basis through your My NS-account or you can get in touch with NS Customer Service to cancel completely.