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  • 30 April 2022
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I have changed my NS Flex in April for Altijd Vrij and used it for the whole month and paid 360eur for it, now I changed it back after a month of usage (because it was possible to change only after a month of usage), but my abonnement cost is still 360eur! Does it mean that I will have a free ride for two months or I paid twice for one month?


Beste antwoord door Robert B 30 April 2022, 17:28

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Good afternoon V.Yurov and welcome to the NS Community! 

Please contact our customer service so we could help you with this! We could see why you have potentially been double charged. 

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Welcome to the NS Community!

If you’re referring to the cost counter in Mijn NS or the NS app, don’t worry because it often shows incorrect information after a subscription change.

See Mijn NS (website) instead. It will show your current subscription/product and you will be billed accordingly.

Also, after a change on the first possible date, you will be billed the next month but that will be credited (usually within a week).