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  • 17 November 2022
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Hello I have a monthly subscription NS Trajectvrij for November 2022 for route from Amsterdam Zuid to Schiphol. The route was officially closed for two weeks in November, but I still get invoiced for travelling between Amsterdam Centraal and Amsterdam Zuid (which is not technically possible) while I am going from Amsterdam Centraal to Schiphol. How do I get a refund?


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Welcome to the NS Community!

With Traject Vrij, journeys outside your traject will be billed to/from the nearest station on your traject.

Seen from Amsterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Zuid (via Duivendrecht) is closer than Schiphol (via Sloterdijk), so that explains your bill.

See (12 TE) vs. (19 TE)

Since Amsterdam Centraal is outside your traject, you will always be billed when checking in/out there. I think the advice was to take metro 52 (accessible for NS travellers with open GVB gates but mandatory NS check in), or travel via Amsteram RAI or Lelylaan by train.

A refund should be possible (because of the works around Schiphol and Zuid), but it will take a lot of effort to explain this situation. Good luck!