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  • 9 September 2022
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HI, I have been trying to buy abonnementen NS for several days and get this message every time:
"Door technische problemen is het op dit moment nie mogelijk om verder te gaan. Probeer het later nog een keer (WS-0005)"
What can I do about this situation?


Beste antwoord door Erryt NS 9 September 2022, 20:48

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Hello AnitaSz, welcome at our community,


There is currently a malfunction regarding ordering a Dal Voordeel subscription on balance. You can still order a Dal Voordeel abonnement in the flex version. 

Hello, thank you for the answer, I have one more question. I would like to apply for compensation for the strike. On August 29, I was forced to return by other means of transport from Den Helder to Zaandam, the journey cost me a lot more time and money. What can I do in this case?

Kind regards

Anita Choina

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You can find information on strike compensation on this page.