• 12 July 2022
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On June 27, I applied to cancel my subscription to free weekend travel and I got email with approval, but today I saw in mijnNS that the subscription was again offered at a price of 37.7 euros. 

Please help me to solve the situation


Beste antwoord door Tochjo 12 July 2022, 21:31

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The widget that shows the subscription costs in Mijn NS is notoriously broken. Especially after a subscription change it shows wrong information. Ignore it, the invoice will show the correct information, i.e. no subscription costs.

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The price of 37.70 seems to be weekend free with 1e class supplement.


Have you buyed the subscription with 1st class?  

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If you changed Weekend Vrij to Basic and received a confirmation e-mail about that, you should be good.

As @Tochjo stated, the cost counter in Mijn NS (website and app) is notoriously off. You will not be invoiced for that.

If you wanted to cancel NS Flex altogether (go back to travel on balance), you would have to go to a machine (station, supermarket etc.) to completely remove it from your card.

Within one month, or else your subscription will continue.