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  • 14 September 2023
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when i try to transfer a NS bus(from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Haarlem) at Amsterdam Sloterdijk, I double checked at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. And then I get off at Haarlem i also check my ov card. 

Then i get an email from NS, which is shown below. I click the link NS Klantenservice, but I didn’t find something useful. So what do I need to do now?



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Hi Yoan Lu and welcome to the NS Community!

When you don't check out because you forget it or there's something going wrong, NS Flex will try to find out the correct journey, based on your previous travels. In some cases the system won't be able to do that and will then take a correction fee. In this case the system guessed that you traveled from Haarlem to Amsterdam Science Park. If you feel that this is the wrong journey, it's best to have it corrected by the NS Customer Service.