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  • 17 December 2021
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I started ns subscription and it is said that I have to put at least 20 euros in it. But when buying it said "no need to top up balance anymore" what does it mean ?


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People who travel with an OV chipcard without any subscription pay a boarding fare of 20 euros when they check in with NS. When they check out, the difference between the boarding fare and the actual fare is calculated and any difference is loaded back onto the card, or taken from the card if the actual fare is higher.

The boarding fare does not apply when you travel with an NS Flex subscription. With NS Flex, it is not needed to have any sort of security that people will pay if they don't check out. After all, if you don’t check out, NS can simply add 20 euros to your invoice.

So bottom line: you don't need to top up your card if you have NS Flex and the text that you have to top up with at least 20 euros does not apply then.

I made weekend vrij subscription in my card. My card have a balance of 50 euro. But after the subscription now it shows the balance in card as zero. What to do?? Then how can I travel in weekdays? 

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Hi Shincy,

The 50 euros will be deducted from the invoice, so you'll get that back. It'll show as a negative amount with the description “Klanten Service”.

You don't need to load balance anymore. All subscription and travel costs (also on weekdays) will appear on your monthly invoice and automatically deducted from your bank account.


So you are telling the travel charge will deduct from my account directly. If I don't need that what should I do? 

And u told that I will get my 50 euro back how? If I cancel my subscription will I get my money back?

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Subscription costs are always be auto-debited, no matter if you travel on balance. The 50 euro will be credited on your next monthly invoice.

The 50 euro balance is not needed on your card anymore, because travel costs (if you have any, e.g. for bus, tram and metro) will also be invoiced monthly.

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Every month you will receive an invoice with all the subscription and travel costs. A few days later the total amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account.

The 50 euro's will appear on your first invoice and will be subtracted from the total costs. If that results in a negative amount, NS will transfer money to you.

If you don't want all this, you should cancel your subscription. Then you'll also get your money back.