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  • 5 June 2023
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I paid for € 3.49 last month, could I ask about what it is?


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Hi X.L. Li,

If you logon to Mijn NS, you can see your travel history there. You can also download the invoice under ‘My payments / Betaaloverzicht’ which has all costs specified.

Thanks for your reply.

I check it again, however, I did not find any one needed to pay for 3.49.

I receive the mail today, and it shows I have to pay for that, for now, I have paid, but I want to know what it is?

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Was it a payment request or auto-debit. Possibly you took a bus, tram or metro and used your bank/credit card.

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Did you have a subscription? It could be the cost of a few days subscription, if you ended the subscription some day between the monthly invoice dates.

It is the auto-debit directly and it did not on the list in app, however, I did not use any card to take bus, etc.

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If you can't figure out what it's for, you should contact Customer Service by phone (030-7515155), chat, Facebook or Twitter. On this community travellers help each other, and of course we can't access customer data.